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Hi, my name is Johannes Nygren. I come from Arvidsjaur, Norrbotten and currently live in Gothenburg. I do half-time as an artist and illustrator and work with coaching for the rest of the time because it is fun and interesting both of them. The last full-time employment was as unit manager at home for unaccompanied children seeking refuge in Sweden. Coaching and seeking potential, helping people to create change is an amazing task.


Artist & Illustrator

The challenge to constantly achieving high quality. Exploring expressions and new approaches and ideas drives me forward. To see the happiness of the customer, to really create something that touches in depth, that is the goal! And of course I want to refine my own creativity, and try to influence the world for the better.

Always new projects



Our world is constantly changing and humanity faces the perhaps greatest challenges ever in climate change, increased population, and conflicts. Combining image and text to show inequality and new thoughts is a necessary challenge, helping each other to seek new solutions. I want to use my talents to contribute to positive change!

New technologies and new possibilities!


There are many ways to live as an illustrator today and show the art. Internet, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are ways I explore new exciting opportunities.

Visit the blog to learn more about the Crypto artist.

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Quality? Efficiency?

Professional that know the craftsmanship

With many years of experience, technical know-how and the pedagogical ability to create what the customer wants, I maintain high quality as an illustrator. Artistic freedom with the ability to portray quickly and accurately JNArt stands out of the crowd.

Art schools, countless courses from distinguished artists in different techniques and a lot of self-study via the internet / literature, I can stand for both high quality in practice and theoretical.

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How to judge quality?

Assessing artistic quality and affordability is almost impossible. It is relative to many things, including time, who to compare to, personal taste and the need for efficiency and choice of material. The numbers on the left are just fun, feel yourself if JNArt seems reasonable to work with and have the ability to create the results you want. I always do my best and always work hard to develop.

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