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Ara, Portrait
Thank you very much for the amazingly nice and well-made painting.
It's more than we could wish for, magic!
We warmly recommend you to our dear!
Stefan, Portait animal
Very pleased with the pictures Johannes made,
a memory for life. Very realistic.
Kany Evinsnö, Portrait
When Solveig received the painting, her tears rolled out, and she only got out: ``This was strong ... very strong``. Johannes interpretation of our wishes was beyond all expectations.
Andrea Lewis Åkerman, Portrait
WOW how nice !!
Really satisfied, thank you very much!
Catharina Nilsson, Caricature
It's great, just a little caricaturish, without seeing hysterically distorted.
That said, very nice.
Stina Billving, Caricature
Very funny and good!
Veronyca Waldemarsdotter, Animal portrait
So pleased with the watercolor paintings Johannes made on my animals. John captures their innermost soul and creates a three-dimensional painting that makes them so incredibly realistic.
Amanda, Portrait
Got the picture today and is really happy! Thank you very much.
Susan Svensson, Caricature
Hello! Would like to thank you for the beautiful portrait you painted to us!
My partner was very happy about both the subject itself and how well made it was.
Soledad Abarzua, Portrait
Just want to thank you for the beautiful portrait! I think my dad will be very happy 🙂 thanks for you being quick with the commission! Sincerely