Order a portrait of someone you love

Do you want striking resemblance, creativity and vibrant feeling? Then you have come to the right place, to order portraits of all possible types. With years of experience, here you will find the craftsmanship required to create high quality portraits at a great price. Give yourself the chance to order painted or drawn portraits! You will not be disappointed.

Many are searching for a long time before deciding to order hand painted portrait, for it is something special, something more than a photo. Through the artist’s gaze and a solid performance, your unique image becomes something timeless, a feature of artistic dignity dating centuries back in time. Cartoon portrait or painted portrait, you will not regret it.

Amazing portraits in different techniques

Here you can order portraits in watercolour, oil, acrylic, pencil, ink, charcoal and digital.

Water-based colour that gives vibrant effects


Water-soluble pigment-rich colour

Oil paint

Oil-based paint that dries slowly

Pencil / Charcoal

Technique in grayscale with potential for high detail

Ink / Ink + Other Techniques

High contrast results


Endless possibilities and styles, painted with Cintique

But why JNArt?

Artist and Illustrator

JNArt has been drawing portraits on commission since 2009 and has a lot of satisfied customers. It has not been unusual for a customer to return many times. 

Art courses at school, a lot of shorter courses with different artists, and years of self-study, here’s a lot of knowledge. At JNArt you can express your wishes and have the chance to order portraits that do not lose their charm.

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Many areas of knowledge shows professionality

There is so much more

There are endless possibilities in technique and design, fantasy environments, science fiction, changing backgrounds, adding things, our imagination is the limit.


To order an animal portrait is of course an option, but it is also perfectly possible to combine with a human portrait.


Somebody's 50th birthday, maybe? Ordering caricature is an alternative to the conventional portrait. JNArt visualizes your idea.


Illustrations for events, marketing, logos, illustrated books, book covers, etc. Hire JNArt for a professional flexible attitude.


JNArt paints and organizes exhibitions. Enter here or visit the blog to find out more about the free art.


JNArt can you hire to draw portraits live, a single portrait or an event where several are painted. Facial paintings, private lessons, creative play and painting event. Read more here:

Portrait in charcoal
Portrait with pencil

Great prices

Cheaper than you might think ordering high quality portraits. Here are some examples:
Pencil portrait, one face
500 sek
excl. shipping & material
Less details

Technique: Pencil

Shipping & Material: 100kr

Charcoal portait, one face
1000 sek
excl. shipping & material

Technique: Charcoal

Shipping & Material: 100kr

Portrait in colour, one face
1500 sek
excl. shipping & material

Technique: Watercolour

Shipping & Material: 200kr

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