Photo & Frame

Tips for shooting or choosing the right photo


Different angles give different effects. Select an image where the subject is similar to itself. A head from the front can sometimes seem flat, especially for dogs.


A detailed image is only possible based on a detailed photo. Do not reduce or crop images before sending.


A long distance motif usually loses sharpness and detail when zooming in. Firstly, send sharp photos!

Light and contrast

Not too big contrasts and not too bright or dark! Tips to shoot at dawn / dusk / studio.

The right information

What is not included in the photo is hard to create. It is possible to cut and paste to some extent but costs extra.

Good photo for painting / drawing

Sharp, interesting angle, right contrasts, the whole face is included in the photo. Note - keep in mind that your eyes are not shaded, preferably no more than this example. But everything does not have to be perfect, you can do good paintings / drawings on tricky photos as well.


Caricatures: Basis for a caricature does not have to be as qualitative photos as for portraits. On the other hand, it is good if there is a photo where the subject laughs or have intended facial expression. Sending multiple images allows JNArt to choose the ones that fit best and also get a better understanding of the subject if the photos are in different angles. Photos of different attributes that are included in the picture are of course also important.


Cheapest is to buy your own frame and passepartout at a mall.

Pictures in watercolour and pencil fits well with a passepartout

Should the image be framed before it is sent? It entails some additional costs:
Administration – 300 sek

Extra shipping costs – 100 – 400 sek

Frame and passepartout – At a mall approx. 200 – 1000 sek custom made frames from about 800 sek upwards.

Ram kan höja det slutliga resultatet

Tips for conserving the image: Use acid-free passepartout and acid-free cardboard behind the image. With the passepartout, a gap between the image and the glass is formed which is good. Passepartout is a cartonboard that forms a margin around the image to the frame.

Avoid placing the image so that it is regularly exposed to direct sunlight.

Choose tape that does not penetrate the paper and cause damage.

In order to make the most out of the picture, it may be a good idea to hire a professional frame maker. They tend to be good at selecting frames that emphasize the image and make sure the frame is not overwhelming. You also get help with applying the image so that it stays stable in the correct position.

If you want to handle the frame yourself, there is a ready-made passepartout to buy on business like Gallerix. Colors that appear in the image may return to the frame or passport.