Caricatures for all tastes!

Creativity that flows, fun ideas, complex scenes, crazy but alike, at JNArt you can order cartoons/caricatures for different needs. With over nine years of experience in painting and drawing caricatures on commission, here you will find the craftsmanship required to create high quality caricatures at great prices. Give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.


Is it time for anniversary, time to order a caricature? Whether it is a 50 or 100 year gift JNArt can do something that suits you. Here you get someone who can transform your ideas into image, distort faces so that you can still recognize the person and paint exciting crazy scenes. Both you and the subject will probably laugh out loud.

Lots of detail

There are all kinds of pictures

Time to order an unforgettable caricature?
Here you can order a perfect 40 years gift

Nice or mean caricatures?

The customer has a major responsibility

JNArt do not take on assignments that are clearly focused on satire or to violate. If there is a good intention and self-reliance with the model, more extreme caricatures may be possible. Most of the time, the caricatures are relatively kind and the attributes or the environment play an equal role as the actual facial features.

Fantastic caricatures in different techniques

Here you can order caricatures in watercolor, pencil, acrylic, ink, mixed technique and digital.
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