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Some information about hiring illustrator resident in Gothenburg

So what can JNArt help with

This, and other projects involving visualising ideas

  • Most 2D images you can imagine
  • Book Cover
  • Album art
  • Packing
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Character Design
  • Different types of Concept art
  • Game Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Vector Graphics
  • Visual identity
  • Logo

  • Mural painting – Wall painting
  • Web Design
  • Scenery
  • Information Drawings
  • Storyboard
  • Thank You Cards
  • Invitations
  • Blogheaders
  • Visualize ideas
  • Name Boards
  • Illustrate teaching materials
  • Design Christmas cards, postcards, etc.
  • Tattoo illustrations

  • Portrait live
  • Caricatures live
  • Free painting / illustration of event
  • Meeting drawing – Graphic recorder – Memory technology
  • Simpler photo assignments, footed for assignments
  • Private lessons Photoshop, drawing, painting, etc.
  • Draw in court
  • Face Painting


A summary of what is custom. Contact JNA for exact conditions for your project.

The price for all types of illustrative assignments is determined by a few different parameters. Partly, it’s about what the image should be used for – exposure – as well as the hourly rate JNArt takes.

Hourly rate: We discuss the hourly price. Describe your mission, you will receive a quote.

All-in prices: JNArt applies all-in prices for live missions and major services and submits quotation if you describe what you need help with. All-in prices for illustrations are often about how many sketches are included, and when extra work is charged per hour.

The prize is an agreement on a budget the customer puts and the content expected to be delivered by the artist in terms of hours worked and creative and qualitative material. It can sometimes be difficult to estimate the price of creative work, both the actual craft and the process of developing an idea takes time. At JNArt you get favourable prices and professional results.

Exposure: To what extent should the material be used? How long does the customer own the rights? In which countries and in which markets does the customer have the right to the material? In which media forms should the material be exposed? This affects the price.

Additional costs: Licenses for fonts or photos? Meeting time, travel expenses, material? Affects the price.

Usage of the images: If the material is to be reused, it costs only 50% of the original price.

VAT rates: Books & news media 6% VAT. Advertising 25% VAT.

Note that the VAT for illustrations for purposes other than advertising and marketing is 0 percent.

Copyright + Usage

JNArt always applies some form of written contract for commissions. Then you can be more confident that you really get what you pay for.

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Issues handled in the agreement:

  • Redeem images or free use for a period. The arrangements for the use of the image.
  • Fee
  • Sketch passes / corrections
  • Format on the final product
  • What the client undertakes to deliver before the assignment in the form of necessary information and material for the project.
  • What happens if contract material is not delivered or the purchase is cancelled. How to resolve conflict. 

Brief on copyright

To respect the author for artistic and illustrative works is to respect the copyright. Always ask before using a picture. The author has the right to dictate the conditions to use the work, the representation of a motive.

Right of use

What you buy is therefore the right to use a piece in a certain context and for a certain period of time. The illustrator can never get rid of his copyright, however, a customer may buy an image, ie. Agreement on free use. It also includes that the image may not be changed without permission by the author unless otherwise agreed. In editorial and information terms, the name must be deleted. In the advertising context, the name must be displayed.

Extra information to the customer

Time frame for at project


The duration of an commission depends on the scope and workload. Expect at least two to four weeks. 

What do you get for the money?

Customer oriented

An outstanding ability to pick up exactly what the customer is looking for.


Clarity, structure, communicative and high quality.


Artist visualizing ideas in a variety of ways.

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