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All you need to know about ordering a caricature

1. This is how it works!

Thorough example of the process!
  • November 1st, 2017

    First contact

    You fill in the order form and send a request (not binding in any way).

  • November 2nd, 2017

    Agree on the project framework

    JNArt respond to your request within 24 hours. You get an exact price or complementary questions. You are asked to approve the assignment’s framework, thus committing to complete payment upon delivery. Prepayment is applied in some cases.

  • November 3rd, 2017

    Foundation and sketch

    If not already done, the customer will provide necessary information in the form of photos. JNArt often makes a sketch of the layout that the customer must approve before the original is created.

  • November 7-14th, 2017

    Your caricature is made

    JNArt creates a hand drawn or painted caricature. Different techniques take different long periods of time but usually 2-4 weeks, sometimes faster.

  • November 15th, 2017

    See a copy of the finished picture, payment

    As long as nothing else is agreed, a copy of the original and invoice will be emailed when the caricature is complete. JNArt then await payment.

  • November 17th, 2017


    Once the payment is registered the package is delivered/image downloaded.

2. How long time does it take?


With a lot of details and slow technique like oil paint, an order can take up to two months.


Depending on how long the queue is, most commissions will be completed in two to four weeks .


Time is relative. If it is really urgent, it may take a week. This at an additional cost.

Väl förpackat, noll incidenter hittills

3. Shipping information

If you live near Gothenburg the easiest and cheapest way is to to retrieve the picture in Fiskebäck.

Prepayment – When the customer has received a copy of the completed image, the full amount is paid in advance, including shipping. The image will be sent as soon as the transaction is registered. Shipping cost 100 – 300 sek depending on the size of the package.

Trusted customers may in some cases be able to pay afterwards.

Postnord or if needed other mail service

4. These are the techniques you can choose from

Here you can order caricature in watercolour, acrylic, graphite, ink, charcoal, mixed media and digital.

The technique JNArt usually uses for caricature in colour

Graphite or Charcoal

Techniques used mostly for gray scale images


Suitable for large pictures in color


Much contrast, cartoony style


Available in many different designs, suitable for printing large copies / posters.

Mixed media

Typically, mixing ink with watercolor or pencil

5. Price

The first steps after you send a request via the form below is that JNArt provides an exact price (quotation).

Here are the variables that determine the price:

    A smaller image with fewer difficulties and attributes takes less time and becomes cheaper. Details are, for example, a background or texture on a shirt, etc.

    More or fewer faces / animals – or if there is a full body or hands in the picture.

    Colour takes longer than greyscale.

    Some techniques take longer than others.

    What influences the price most is the level of detailed. JNArt applies two levels. Do you want a photo with fewer details that are less accurate or do you want one with much details that are more accurate and photographic?

    A small image, 20x30cm usually costs less than a large image like 60x80cm.

    VAT is added for commercial use of the image.

    Shipping and material costs are added: 100 – approximately 300 sek.

    Should an order be made in less than two weeks, an additional fee may apply.

For larger assignments – over 2000kr 50% will be paid in advance.

Best is if you look around the page, check what you like and send a request through the form below – then you get an estimate what your picture would cost. If it’s over your budget, we’ll discuss what’s best for you.


Less detailed caricature in pencil, ink or charcoal

Simple background or text
Price: 800 sek
Shipping & Materials: 100 sek

Detailed caricatures in graphite, ink or coal.

Detailed + detailed background
Price: 1500-2000 sek
Shipping & Materials: 100 sek

Detailed caricature in colour, watercolor/digital

Detailed background
Price: 2500-3000 sek
Shipping & Material: 200 sek

With one more face/animal or additional things as detailed clothing, detailed background in the picture, there will be an additional 50-100% to the price.

With three or more models in the picture, JNArt makes an estimate in quotation.

Digital pictures you can get in all different budgets.

6. Gift certificate

An appreciated gift!


Instead of choosing all the details now, you can order gift cards today! Many may have decision anxiety, an ordered gift card may give the motivation to go all the way.


Those who get the portrait may have strong/specific taste. Then a gift card for painted or drawn portrait can be an idea.


No time to deliver on time. A beautiful gift card can be sent digitally so you can print it today, the order itself can wait.

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    Upload a photo which clearly shows the face of the subject. (limit:5mb)

    Supplementary: upload photos showing body posture and / or pictures of anything else that should be woven into the finished image.

    Briefly describe what the purpose of the image is and who / what the subject is?
    Other requests: Should the picture be retouched / the background be amended / photomontages be created? Any texts added? Any request for special paper?

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