Live commisions/photo

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Here you will find information about various commissions JNArt takes live

Portrait live

Few longer sessions or many shorter


Do you want JNArt at your party, festival, opening ceremony or other event and drawing portraits live? Then use the contact form to discuss details and book.


It is not all artists that can capture similarity in 10-20 minutes. If you want to hire a professional cartoonist live, you've come to the right place.


There are more examples of amazing portraits in the gallery JNArt has drawn or painted live. It also happens that JNArt is sitting and portraying live in Gothenburg. Enter the Facebook page for more information about such events.

Caricatures live

Often fun even for the audience


JNArt draws at your event. We agree on an hourly rate and optional equipment. Travel costs and accommodation are subject to the commission if it is a mission that extends over several days.


Capturing someone's features in a caricature is difficult if it still to show who it is. In addition, we recognise different features in each other. Live, it is possible to see small details that may be missed via a photo. Live caricatures are guaranteed to be a fun and perhaps challenging experience.


JNArt has long experience with caricatures, so you can hire a professional cartoonist who can make it live for an audience watching.


The photograph is often the foundation for a good result


If you live near Gothenburg, JNArt can come home and shoot the motive for a painting. Then there are high quality photos to work from.


The website contains some basic tips for photography under menu ``Ordering``. If you do not get it, JNArt can assist with additional pointers.


Via Photoshop you can create most things. You may be really happy with your photo and only need som minor adjustments JNArt can help you with.


Various arrangements


You can book for private lessons / group lessons in watercolour painting, drawing in pencil and charcoal, Photoshop, picture theory and life signature. Ask JNArt what you want to learn when it comes to art.


It is only possible to learn what one self mastered. A craft is a craft and is taught by training for long time in the right way. You can get advise to be sure you are practicing correctly.


Contact JNArt via the contact form to get more information about how lessons are set up and what is required of you.

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Other assignments that JNArt takes on hourly commissions

More to come.

Improvised face paintings or pre-selected, nothing is too advanced. Hiring a facial painter goes well with the portrait artist, if the event wants two in one.


Building advanced masks with latex might be something you want help with for the next Halloween? Guaranteed the scariest at the party. Read more if you want more information.


JNArt do not work with spray paint (yet) but indoor walls are good to paint with acrylic paint. Most of the motives are fine.

Time to work?

It costs you nothing to present your idea to JNArt and get a price suggestion.