Freedome and expression

So artist, what is it about? For JNArt, it is about expressing oneself with the visual media freely and trying to tell things to oneself and others. The world is changing quickly. An exciting task as an artist is to observe and give a voice to thoughts and ideas that would be lost if not for the fantastic potential of the picture. But an image is just an expression, the art of improvising or creating change through conversation is also interesting. 


Creativity and spontaneity go hand in hand through the breathtaking journey of finding something new and unexplored. One thought may resemble a seed and grow strong in an artist’s consciousness to eventually land in a work that can stand for itself and speak its own language. 


Here you will soon find information about upcoming exhibitions.


Art is incredibly wide. Right now, it is most painting is on the agenda, but it will certainly be other focus eventually.


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